i got off work yesterday at 1430 cst and had a massive migrane so i decided to to pop the usual meds an a hyrdo and lay down for a bit after what felt like a few moments later i rolled over to check my phone to see if i needed to get up to cook dinner. it was 0630 today. i slept 14 hours straight….. wtf 

looking back one year ago im a lot farther than i was then. i was homeless, jobless and had no one. now i have a steady job, insurance and my own place but im still not where i want to be and i still have no one. yeah i have friends and i have my cat but at the end of the day i come home to no one. i cook for myself. i shower by myself. i sleep by myself. i have no one for so long and the lonelyness is eating at me but i dont want to rush into a relationship just because of that but im afraid that if i were to ever find some one that would even find me remotely attractive or consider dating me that i would end up being nothing more than a burden.